Work Experience at NK

Work Experience Year 10

Work Experience is important in Year 10 as it enables students to see the link between education and employment and to build a CV.  Work experience provides the opportunity to learn new skills, build contacts and experience what it's like working in a real job.

All placements meet strict criteria and parents are requested to provide information to ensure that placements taken up by their son/daughter will provide a suitable experience for them.  Employers then have the information they need in order to do everything to protect the health, welfare and safety of students.

pdfHow we use your data

We try very hard to ensure that students are matched appropriately to placements.  Parents are encouraged to be involved in every step of the process – please contact Mrs Hotchkin at school if you have any questions or concerns at any point.

Some useful documents:

pdfLaunch Letter
pdfSelf placement form
pdfApplication and information
pdfCover letter example
pdfGuide for parents and students
pdfCV Pro-forma
pptxIntroduction to Work Experience week 2017 for parents

Tony Crowe – Health & Safety Consultancy website

Work Experience 6th Form

Students in Year 12 and 13 are encouraged to take part in work experience either as a block placement or on an extended placement.  By doing so they can add weight to a UCAS application, show employers that they can take initiative, gain experience of a working environment in an area that interests them.  They will also gain valuable life and personal skills.

Year 12 & 13 block placement week is 30th of January – 3rd of February 2017

If any student is interested in completing a lengthier work placement within the school day in their study time they should come and see Mrs Hotchkin in her office opposite G2 for help with organising this.

Useful documents:

pdfSelf Placement form -6th form
pdfMedical form - 6th form