Step 3 – Establish ground rules

• Agree on some ground rules together. These will depend on your child's age and what you feel is appropriate for them, to avoid confusion, talk about the rules and the consequences for breaking them. You might want to consider:
• The amount of time your child can spend online.
• When your child can go online.
• The websites they can visit or activities they can take participate in.
• The type of images and videos which would be appropriate to share
• How to treat people online e.g. not post anything which they wouldn't say face-to-face.
If your child plays online games:
• Check the age rating before they play. Look out for these symbols:

• If your child plays online games with people that they've never met then you need to be confident that your child knows how to keep themselves safe e.g. don't give out personal information, don't agree to meet unless it's supervised to your satisfaction and ensure they're confident enough to tell you if they have any issues or concerns.
• Negotiate the amount of time they spend playing online games.