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The Department

The Social Sciences faculty consists of four departments – Psychology, Sociology, Public Services and Health and Social Care. The faculty's A-level reputation is excellent with each department consistently achieving results above the national average. Every effort is made to increase the profile of the faculty within the school and beyond.

The Teaching

Social Sciences at NK are taught in a dynamic and challenging way, using a variety of complimentary and engaging teaching strategies.

KS5 Psychology follows the OCR syllabus. At A2 level the options delivered are Forensic Psychology and Sport and Exercise Psychology. The department works in liaison with external agencies to help bring the curriculum to life and explore practical applications. We are proud of our links with SMART UK, the World's leading provider in auricular acupuncture and local HMP establishments.

Sociology is also taught at KS5 in association with Robert Pattinson School. The department follow the OCR syllabus offering units on the family, youth and culture & identity.

The Public Services department currently offers the option for students at KS5 to gain the Level 2 certificate as part of the sixth form package of Level 2 qualifications. The department hope to be able to expand to deliver a two year Level 3 qualification starting in September 2014.

Health and Social Care is delivered as an optional qualification at KS4. In order to meet the different needs of learners wanting to study the subject the department offers the option to study a GCSE qualification (OCR specification) and the Cambridge Nationals qualification (OCR specification). The department make every effort to secure contacts with local service providers to deliver sessions and allow student access to gain primary research for their coursework portfolios.

Each teaching team within the faculty work collaboratively on all aspects of planning, delivery and an excellent range of resources has been developed to meet individual learning needs.

The Resources

A strong resource within the faculty is the staff team. Between us, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience, both academic and vocational. This helps the students understand how the principles of Social Sciences can be applied in the real world, therefore raising aspirations beyond the classroom.

The Social Science faculty has four teaching rooms with digital projection available in each. Two of these rooms are housed in the new block opened in 2013. Each department has a wide range of videos, CD-ROMs and resource sheets that support the schemes of work. There is also a library of texts in the faculty and duplicates of key texts in the school library for students to use in their independent study sessions. The Sociology department also has an annual subscription to the Sociology review, providing students with monthly magazines on current issues and research within Sociology.

The Staff

Miss G Betts – Sociology
Miss P Davies – Sociology
Mrs J Ferrier -Psychology/Public Services
Ms A Fox – Sociology
Miss E Whiting – Health and Social Care