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The Department

The Department are all specialists in their field and work together as a team to produce results that have improved markedly over the years. We are considerably well supported by our resources which allow staff the freedom to carry out investigations and experiments that may not be classed as the standard practicals.

We are constantly trying to match our teaching and courses to the needs of the students in our classes and work tirelessly in the search for greater success and are supported in doing so by an excellent team of science technicians.


The Teaching

Science is taught as a compulsory subject to all students in KS3 and KS4. Year 7 start the year by completing a programme of skills training to equip them for the courses ahead. They are then put into sets based on ability and then students are in sets for the rest of the time through the school. Fluidic movement between the sets ensures students are best placed to make progress. Movements are decided based on progress measured in a regular and standardised series of internal assessments. Class sizes at KS3 are an average of 28.  At KS4 there are two options; the OCR 9-1 combined Science course or the OCR Triple Science. The GCSE courses are currently taught over 2 years with all of the exams at the end of Y11. The Department produces schemes of work and other study aids and all staff contribute to the resources used. At AS and A2 the courses currently followed to AS and A2 level are Biology and Physics, Chemistry and the Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Applied Science (Medical and Forensics) is also taught in Y13.

The Resources

The teaching environment makes full use of the facilities for practical learning and investigative science and is constantly looking for ways to bring modern technology into science teaching schemes.  All of the 9 laboratories are equipped with interactive whiteboards in addition to 2 suites of mobile laptops which are used along with the school's ICT network system in the delivery of our curriculum.  Students can also use the school website to access Science resources out of school to allow them to enhance their learning as well as other assessment and revision packages including SAM Learning (added in September 2013).

The Staff

Mr R Aliwell (Head of Physics & KS3 coordinator)
Mr A Anderson (Head of Chemistry and Progress Manager)
Mr C Beacock (Head of Dept, chemistry)
Miss N. Cooke (physics)
Mr N. Davies (Head of Biology and KS4 coordinator)
Miss K. Fielding (chemistry)
Mrs A Mellows (biology)
Mr B Nicholson (physics)
Mrs S. Pine (Science HLTA, SEN)
Miss E Whiting (biology)
Mrs J Wilson (biology)