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The Department

Religion, Ethics and Philosophy is currently thriving and expanding, providing exciting challenges for an enthusiastic staff od dedicated teachers. All department members are keen to encourage a positive and supportive area of the school, to be used and enjoyed by both staff and students. We have been very successful in building a subject that has had excellent recruitment for exam classes and are now one of the largest departments in Lincolnshire. Our bid for world domination is on track!We are particularly proud of our student quiet room, which provides students with a calm area to take time out, and reflects the ethos of the department.

The Teaching

The department follows the guidance of the Lincolnshire Agreed Syllabus.
In years 7, 8 and 9, Religious Education is taught in mixed ability tutor groups to enable comfortable discussion of the sensitive topics covered. 
In Y7:'The Island', what is Christianity? Minority religions, what makes a religion, Community and Sikhism
In Y8: Heroes, Materialism, Minority religions, Festivals, What is Hinduism? And moral codes
In Y9: The ethics of World War 2, Poverty, Peace and Justice, Truth and reality, Evil and suffering and humans are special
At Key stage 4: We cover the OCR Philosophy and Ethics course which covers a vast range of topics that are both relevant and current to world issues. The course includes topics that ask big questions about Human relationships, warfare, good and evil, the religion and science debate, equality and social justice and many more.
At key stage 5: We continue to develop our students' ability to tackle big questions and help them to improve their debating and evaluation skills. We again cover the OCR Philosophy and Ethics course which introduces students to a number of philosophers who have shaped the way the world thinks. Topics covered include Greek philosophers, the problem of evil, religion and science, Utilitarianism, Kantian ethics, Natural law and applied ethics and many more.
The AS and A2 courses are delivered in partnership with Sir Robert Pattinson Academy.

The Resources

The REP department has grown! We now have four dedicated REP rooms in addition to our student quiet room for times when you just want to be quiet and think. We believe in supporting students in as many ways as possible and so in order to facilitate the individual learning of our students, the department recognises the need for a wide variety of resources. The department also boasts a number of its own computers for student use which is supported by the school's resources area. There is a library of texts in the department which is available for students to borrow as well as reference books being located in the main school library.

The Staff

Mrs S Allen (Head of Dept)
Miss G Betts
Mr C Robinson
Mrs H Ind

We are also proud of our connection with Bishop Grosseteste College in the training of Religious Education Teachers.