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The Department

At North Kesteven we teach mathematical concepts in a way that engages the students and gives them a real understanding of what they are doing. This is supported by thorough practice and testing so that students are fully prepared for examinations. We use practical equipment and creative activities as well as online tools to encourage students' interest and understanding. This approach is embedded throughout years 7 to 13.

A typical wander around the Maths department could find students exploring graphs using compute software, outside producing geometric constructions in groups using chalk and string, solving a murder mystery puzzle in pairs using skills from their latest topic, excitedly having a class competition using voting pads, intensely concentrating on their individual set of questions or even a whole year group in the hall completing memory experiments for a statistical investigation.


The Teaching

Mathematics is taught in groups set by mathematical ability.
Year groups are split into two half-year blocks each with five or six sets. Initial setting is based on information from feeder primary schools and then sets are reviewed regularly as our students progress through the school.

The National Numeracy Strategy is currently the foundation of the Key Stage 3 curriculum to maximize continuity and progression from Key Stage 2.
Collaborative working within the department and a commitment to innovation means the activities and projects undertaken by students is constantly evolving.

In Key Stage 4 the department prepares students for the Edexcel linear GCSE. Last year 80% of students gained A*-C. The most able students have the option of studying a Level 2 course in Further Mathematics. Where necessary individuals follow an entry level course to support their GCSE study.

As part of the North Hykeham Joint Sixth Form AS and A2 students study Statistics and Mechanics in addition to the compulsory Pure Mathematics Core following the AQA modular syllabus. Further Maths is consistently strong and every year we have several students moving on to study Maths at University. GCSE Maths is offered for those who wish to improve their grade – either at Foundation or Higher tier.

Pupils in all Key Stages have participated in the UK Mathematical Challenge and team competitions. We host events for Gifted and Talented students across the Lincoln and for local Primary schools.


The Resources

The Mathematics Department is based in its own block of ten well-furnished teaching rooms together with departmental workroom and office. All the classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and visualizers. Voting pads and a wealth of practical equipment is freely available. Within the department there is also a Mathematics resource area containing a suite of 30 PCs and a dedicated classroom for nurture groups and intervention work.


The Staff

Mr T Allen (Head of Maths)
Miss E Benney
Dr G Dines
Mr N Erskine
Mrs D O'Brien (HLTA)
Mr C Pearson
Miss K Pepper
Mr W Tongue
Mr J White