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The Department

As always with ICT things change rapidly and we are developing new ICT courses throughout the whole school. This is an exciting time as we move towards new online assessments for year 9 SATs and the introduction of a new Digital Applications course to replace the current GCSE course and developing the new Vocational A level course in the joint sixth form. The variety of opportunities to gain a meaningful ICT qualification that are available are now no doubt better than at any time in the past


The Teaching

In Years 7,8 and 9 ICT is taught in mixed ability classes. In years 7 and 8 students follow a course which includes study in the following areas.:
• Communication: Sound and Video
• Handling Data
• Control and Monitoring
• Communication: Text and Graphics

In year 9 they build on the skills acquired in years 7 and 8 by starting the new Digital Applications course offered by Edexcel. Currently in years 10 and 11 all those students who choose to do ICT follow the Edexcel GCSE course. Future plans are to extend the Digital Applications course started in year 9 which can lead them to a qualification equivalent to either 1 or 2 GCSEs dependant on the number of modules successfully completed. In the joint sixth form three courses are offered: the single award Vocational A level in ICT, the double award vocational A level and the Certificate in Digital Applications (equivalent to 2 GCSEs). The team works collaboratively on all aspects of planning and an excellent range of resources has been built up for all the courses offered.


The Resources

The department has two dedicated comfortably furnished computer rooms which are air conditioned and equipped with 30 PCs enabling students to work one to a computer. In addition there are three other areas that are not exclusively for the use of the ICT department each equipped with 30 PC's. All the computers have a wide range of software installed to enable the delivery of all subjects throughout the school for many of which there are a number of "Teach yourself" guides available if students wish to practice a particular topic or develop their skills further than is covered in lessons. There are numerous other smaller clusters of PCs throughout the school. For a number of years now the department has provided the GCSE text book on CD which allows faster searching for information, self-marking worksheets and interactive revision quizzes. We encourage students to work both in and out of lessons and realising the limitations that a floppy disc places on moving data between home and school have successfully introduced the use of ftp for transferring work between locations.

The Staff

Mr M Balmer
Miss J Jones