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The Department

The department aims to develop both a curiosity and desire to know about the world in which we live. As well as facilitating students to develop a sense of place and understand the world, we endeavor to equip our students with a range of skills that enable them to access, collect, display, and analyse data in preparation for later life.

The Geography team are hard-working, dedicated specialists, keen to maximise the attainment of students and make their Geography experience at NK as positive and diverse as possible. There is a supportive environment within the department where teamwork and collaborative approaches are highly valued.


The Teaching

The teaching style within the Geography department is based upon fun, hard work and high standards. Our Schemes of Work and lesson ideas constantly evolve and develop for all year groups. We aim to make stimulating and interesting lessons for all by varying the activities, skills and learning styles weekly, so everyone can benefit from the Geography experience.

All exam groups are taught in mixed ability classes. Year 7 are taught within their tutor group, Years 8, and 9 are divided into an upper and lower class. We carefully select some of the more gifted and talented students in Geography and provide additional teaching and learning opportunities for them, such as participation in the Geographical Association's annual quiz.

At GCSE we currently offer the CIE IGCSE Geography course. This course takes a sought after traditional approach to Geography and covers many far reaching physical and human geographical ideas ranging from rivers and plate tectonics, to the impact of HIV on populations and the recent Syrian refugee crisis.

A level students follow the AQA syllabus. This course compliments the study completed in the earlier years, by encouraging a more detailed understanding of the ideas and the further development of skills to include statistical analysis and critical thinking.

The results at both at GCSE and A level over the years have been excellent.


The Resources

The department has recently moved into a new teaching block, with three specialist teaching areas. The teachers are a strong resource in this department, together as a team we hold a wealth and depth of geographical knowledge, which should cover all (or most of) the inquisitive students' questions!

We have a large selection of books and resources that enhance our Schemes of Work and up to date journals and magazines for both GSCE and A level students. We place a great emphasis on teaching relevant up to the minute Geography, so use of the internet is regularly used, allowing us to instantly access the most recent and interesting information and data.


The Staff

Mrs P Calder (Curriculum Pathways Manager)
Miss J Payne
Miss R Bellamy
Mrs K Smith (Head of Dept)