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The Department

Since September 2014, there have been a number of changes to the English department: Mrs Dickens is now Head of English supported by Ms Lockley who leading Key Stage Three and Mrs Rosie and Mrs Stones, who are leading Key Stage Five. Although the department has seen a number of recent changes, the diligence of the staff has ensured that high standards have been maintained throughout periods of transition. The English department is very much looking forward to the coming year, to build on previous successes and to undertake some new and exciting projects.

In a rapidly changing educational landscape the English Department has worked tirelessly in the last twelve months to prepare students for the new Key Stage Four and Key Stage Five curriculums and redesigned our Key Stage Three Curriculum to prepare students for the changes ahead. 


The Teaching

Year 7 students are taught in mixed-ability form groups. At the beginning of year 8 students are then placed into sets, using the assessment information gathered up to that point. Students are then in sets for the rest of their KS3 and KS4 courses. There is opportunity for movement between the sets, depending upon performance, at the start of every academic year and at the February mid-point. This system allows us to pitch every lesson to the appropriate level.

All students in Key Stage Three have a designated reading/library lesson on their timetable. The English Department works closely with the library team for these lessons to try and develop students’  love of reading using a variety of different initiatives and activities.  
Our current year 10s will be undertaking the new Eduqas English Language and Literature courses. Our current year 11 students are following the outgoing legacy WJEC English Language and Literature courses. 
In the sixth form thee courses are offered: AS/A2 Literature B (AQA); AS/A2 Language and Literature (AS=AQA/A2=WJEC) and a one year GCSE re-sit course. The department consistently achieve 100 % pass rate at A- Level. We are looking to broaden our choice of ‘A’ Level courses next year by adding A-Level English Language.


The Resources

The department is housed in a suite of rooms in the newly refurbished block, which includes the Resources Centre. All rooms have their own interactive white-boards and most rooms are equipped with visualisers.

The Reading for Pleasure Agenda has been one of the department’s priorities this year. The school has a well-stocked library, which is popular with students and there is great deal of collaboration between the English staff and the library team. The English Department have work closely with the library on a variety of initiatives to encourage reading for pleasure.  
The department also offers a range of extra-curricular opportunities such as ‘Slam Jam’ and ‘YJA’ (Young Journalists’ Academy). Throughout the year the Department also organise workshops with published poets and authors. 


The Staff

Mrs H Burr
Miss C Hellier
Mrs S Dickens (Head of English)  
Mrs C Larken
Ms S Lockley (KS3 Co-ordinator) 
Miss F McGrath (KS3 Lead Progress Manager) 
Mrs S Rosie (KS5 Co-ordinator) 
Miss K Sidney 
Mrs J Stones (KS5 Co-ordinator) 
Miss K Warburton (Whole School Data Manager)