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The Department

The Drama Department at NK is proud to report continuing success both within and outside of the curriculum. Ofsted has recognised and praised us for the outstanding teaching, learning and achievement demonstrated within all the key stages.
We have a team of experienced, specialist Drama teachers who are fully committed to the teaching of Drama and extra-curricular performance work. The Drama Department continually strives to provide a creative and supportive learning environment and a varied extra-curricular programme for all students at NK.

The Teaching

In Year 7 and 8, students are taught Drama weekly throughout the year. Year 9 students are again taught Drama weekly in rotation with Dance. Students can opt to take Edexcel GCSE Drama and Theatre studies as part of their standard timetable, or join the twilight GCSE classes run on Monday and Tuesdays after school. The department prides itself on consistently achieving GCSE results that exceed the National average.
The delivery of Drama to our 6th form students has been described as ‘excellent' by Ofsted. We are proud to have a 100% A-C pass rate at A Level Drama and Theatre Studies and very high grades consistently achieved within our BTEC Performing Arts course. Our 6th form students are fully immersed in a varied enrichment programme that involves exciting performance projects being produced on a regular basis every term for public and private audiences.

The Resources

We are in many ways privileged to have outstanding resources and facilities at our disposal. We have 4 drama spaces which include having access to the professional Terry O'Toole Theatre, the fully equipped drama studio space and 2 other good sized drama classroom spaces. This enables both teachers and students to have the opportunity to use professional lighting and sound equipment with the added bonus of having a theatre technician on site. All of the spaces are equipped with TV/video and sound equipment.


The Staff

Mr M Robinson
Miss K Donlevy
Miss R Yarsley (Head of Dept)