Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Music

Teacher to contact for further information: J Smith
Type of qualification: BTEC First
Type of assessment: Unit 1: External Exam (25%) Unit 2: Marked internally (25%)
Optional units are 25% each.
Summary of subject content: Compulsory Core units:

Unit 1: The Music Industry – which provides an overview of the industry, particularly focusing on the shape of the modern industry and covering the emergence of the role of the self-employed producer, performer and promoter.

Unit 2: Managing a Music Product – which covers essential aspects for progression. This unit looks at the development a music product. As well as providing a vehicle for demonstrating skills and learning, it also introduces the role of planning and promotion in the management of a music product. Learners can base their work on a live concert, event, a CD or online product, providing opportunities for both music performers and technologists.

You can then select two optional units from:

Unit 3: Introducing Live Sound – which enables learners to set up, understand and operate the concert PA systems required for most of today's music performances, thus developing a valuable vocational skill and potential employment opportunity.

Unit 4: Introducing Music Composition – which encourages learners to develop creativity in addressing specific needs and requirements when responding to client briefs – similar to the behaviour required in the professional world of music composition.

Unit 5: Introducing Music Performance – which enables learners to develop their skills as performers for progression to the next stage of their education or training, as well as developing their technique and reflective practice.

Unit 6: Introducing Music Recording – which encourages learners to become familiar with recording technology and techniques that will reinforce their musical practice as well as developing important skills for progression into the professional world.

Unit 7: Introducing Music Sequencing – which enables learners to use ICT for music making, giving them a valuable vocational skill as well as a grounding in a fundamental aspect of music making in the workplace.

Progression routes: BTEC music is a very useful subject for anyone interested in any kind of career in Music, either performing, composing or recording. It also provides a pathway onto the BTEC level 3 certificate and further undergraduate musical courses.

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