January 2015

StudleadblogHello everyone, and welcome back to the StLT blog! We hope you had a great holiday and have a very happy new year! 2015 is going to have a lot in store for the Student Leadership team! We have a lot of exciting projects coming up including the regeneration of the eco garden and our entry for the Schools' Challenge at the Lincolnshire Show!

Work is starting shortly on re-landscaping the eco garden and the changes will hopefully become more and more noticeable to the students. This project has been long awaited and we are excited to be given the necessary funding to get us started! We hope it will be completed, with us putting the finishing touches to it during the summer months. We feel that this renovated facility will definitely benefit our school environment and the pupils and staff who will have the opportunity to study and relax in the area. The rough plan for the area is attached, which does include the ideas put forward by the StLt so you can have a look at what to expect from us over the next few terms!!

Eco Garden Plan

We hope you have a great school term and that you will look forward to seeing the developments we will be making!

Kind regards,

The Student Leadership Team