Magical Messages

fos-badge-250Something magical is happening at North Kesteven school. Thanks to the leaders of the Rainworks Project, frowns are being transformed into smiles, if you know where to look.

After hearing the news from Mollie, a member of the Youth Council, the YJA team decided to investigate the mysterious messages that appear on rainy days. These messages are actually part of the Rainworks Project and are hidden around school. The messages and the way they reveal is an idea that came from America, and was supported by a chemical company in Belgium. The science behind the idea is simply that the super-hydrophobic coating repels water and keeps the surface it is added to dry. There have been hundreds of rainworks from lots of contributors over 4 continents. You can even buy some of the paint yourself and create your own and it will get added to the special location map that pinpoints creations. Use the hashtag #Rainworks and you could be added to the list. Check out to find out more.

The plan is to roll this mystical messaging system into communities across England. The system is already active across many countries in the World and has received nothing but positive feedback due to its almost magic qualities.

The Rainworks Project wants people to have something to look forward to on rainy days and these hidden gems work the charm. The company writes messages into concrete and then coats them in hydrophobic paint that rejects water and therefore stays dry when water is poured on it. As you know, concrete goes a lot darker when liquid is poured on it. The contrast between the dark background and the lighter writing causes a message to appear and hopefully make your day!

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