Slam Jam Heats

SlamJam logoThe English Department took five students (four acts) to the first round of the Slam Jam 'Heats' on Wednesday night. We were competing against SSPP and Priory Witham and we are very pleased to inform you that Joe Payne and Molly Inkpin won the best performance of the night with their performance piece on 'How to Write a SLAMJAM poem'. They were scored 79/90 after wowing the judges with their humorous pieces and their 'brilliant chemistry' throughout the performance. As a school, we did brilliantly as our lowest score on the night was just 74/90, so only a matter of 5 points between the four acts. The lowest score on the night from across the schools was around 49 points, so we really have done brilliantly!

Each of our acts, including Ella Moir, Nathan Clarke and Helena Ruffle, were given praise for their creative pieces, that explored a wide range of topics, and their confident delivery. Helena Ruffle received the best score for Key Stage 3! Their eloquent performances , on very mature subject areas , were inspiring. We cannot sing their praises enough.