September 2013

teachersblogThe start of the new term always brings great excitement and anticipation and this year is no exception. Our best ever GCSE exam results, extensive re-modelling of key areas of the school, and a strong sense of a school maintaining its
ethos and values has created a very positive feel to the start of the new school year. However, such a feeling is tempered by and tinged with immense sadness at the death of Roy Hazlehurst. Roy was an Assistant Head at North Kesteven School with responsibility for all of the data and assessment information. His ability to understand and manipulate complicated data was legendary as was his influence on the school’s renowned Performing Arts status and his ability to teach Art to all students. The tributes in recognition of his 35 years of service have been enormous in number and effusive in content. This year’s school musical will be dedicated to his memory and our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

Let’s hope that 2013-2014 is another highly successful year for North Kesteven School. Our academic, creative and vocational curriculum allows us to meet the needs and interests of all students and long may that continue.

May 2013

teachersblogAs I write on Friday 24th May the rain is pouring down but we are buoyed by a positive forecast for the Bank Holiday weekend! 

Today is the last ‘normal’ day for our Year 11 students and they are busy reminiscing about their last five years at North Kesteven School. We all wish them well for the future be it here or elsewhere and look forward to celebrating with them at the Year 11 Prom on the 21st June. 

It is easy to focus on those taking public examinations but it is the progress made by each and every student in each and every lesson that counts and as a school we must track that progress very closely and work with both students and parents to ensure we achieve success. Happy, rounded individuals tend to progress really well at school and it is vital that we provide sporting, cultural, social and personal opportunities to complement the normal school curriculum. Such opportunities are provided on a huge scale at NK and for those who seize such opportunities there is clear, tangible evidence that they become positive and successful members of the community.

Recently we have been interviewing a range of candidates for posts at the school and have all been delighted with the behaviour of students in lesson observations, the engagement of students involved in discussions and the excellent manners shown to visitors needing help with directions or advice about the school’s systems. Such skills and qualities are transferable into all walks of life and long may NK continue in producing such confident, considerate and caring citizens.

March 2013

Now that March has arrived and there is the scent of Spring in the air we turn our attention to the ‘business end’ of the school year and the final stages of preparation and revision for the summer examinations.

For Year 11 and Year 13 students their determination, organisation and commitment will be crucial elements in their success.

Our Flexible Learning Day on Tuesday March 19th will be very much built around examination preparation for these two year groups in particular and this will complement the daily and weekly revision sessions available to individuals and groups across the school.

Our March newsletter will be published just before the end of this term and will, as always, provide you with an insight into the huge range of events, activities and opportunities at NK for the students. Our new teaching block is now open and students across the full age range are enjoying Geography, Psychology, Sociology and ICT lessons in wonderful new rooms equipped with the latest technology to support their learning.

As a result of the move to the new block a number of other subjects will be able to move into refurbished accommodation and the site staff and external contractors have been working very hard to upgrade facilities and ensure the accommodation is in excellent condition. Although these tremendous improvements are vital to the school, the attitude and commitment of students to their learning remains vital and this is being reiterated and reinforced regularly in assemblies, tutor time and lessons.

It has been my pleasure to mentor a number of Year 10 and Year 13 students this year and I have been hugely impressed by their maturity, organisation and genuine desire to succeed.

For all of these students it is a time of pressure and the strength of the home-school relationship is vital. I hope as many parents as possible will attend forthcoming events and by doing so, strengthen still further the bond of co-operation necessary for each and every boy or girl at North Kesteven School.

With my best wishes,

Martin Connor

January 2013

teachersblogJanuary and February are always rather challenging months in the academic year with poor weather, post-Christmas blues and a significant period of public examinations and disruption to the timetable. However, they are also vital months in terms of decision making for Year 9, Year 11 and Year 13 students with KS4 options, Post 16 options, University applications and apprenticeship applications very much in everyone’s mind.

The information, advice and guidance available is extensive, professional and personalised with both NK staff and external experts used to help with those potentially life changing decisions. Please do make sure that you take full advantage of the expertise available when deciding on a pathway. The key to success is to make fully informed personal decisions based on knowledge and information not rumour and whim!

For your information, some of the key staff involved in this advice and guidance are : -

Mrs A Fox – Assistant Head – Curriculum & Timetable

Miss P Davies – Curriculum Pathways Manager

Mr C Jones – Post 16 Progress Manager

Mrs W Dockery – KS4 Progress Manager

Mr G Hall – Year 8 & 9 Progress Manager

Mrs S Thorpe – Careers Advisor

I hope that all students feel supported in their information gathering and decision-making but should any further clarification or explanation be needed please do not hesitate to contact school and ask for the appropriate member of staff.

With my best wishes,

Martin Connor