April 2014

teachersblogWelcome back to the new term after the Easter holidays.  I hope that our students, staff and parents are feeling refreshed and ready for the challenges of the next five weeks.  The fantastic weather over the two week break certainly allowed a lot of work to take place around school; our new R16 classroom was completed along with ajoining board room; the bus bays and surrounding sheds were given a new coat of paint, along with various other external frontings around the site.  The Art department was temporarily thrown into chaos as the entire department had a fresh coat of paint - thankfully normality has been resumed in time for the 22nd April!!  The bag store and surrounding corridors have been revamped making it more modern and bright for our students to enjoy.  Overall, a big thank you to our site team for their great efforts and I hope that everyone continues to respect and enjoy our surroundings.


The start of this new term has seen the engagement of several new key members of staff, I'd like to extend a warm welcome on behalf of the school community to :


Mr A Sandbrook - Assistant Head - Behaviour & Safety

Mr P Fletcher - Student Services Manager

Mrs J Arthur - Attendance Manager

Mrs A Addison - Special Educational Needs Administrator.


May will see the beginning of the exam season for our Year 11 and Sixth Form students which will culminate in the weeks following the next half term holiday.  I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best of luck as you prepare your revision schedules and, as the great saying goes, "keep calm and carry on". 


Mr M Connor

February 2014

teachersblogIt is hard to believe but we are already half way through this academic year! Therefore this is an ideal opportunity to take time to reflect and consider the positives and achievements of the year so far, along with being honest about any areas in which improvements could be made. Some of our students experienced exams when they returned after the Christmas holidays, the recent mock results day on the 6th February will have given those individuals the chance to evaluate their studies so far and better idea of how they want to 'play' the rest of their time at North Kesteven School. Indeed, many sporting leaders call the second half the 'business end of the season' when prizes are won and the people display the determination and resilience required to succeed.

Given the extreme weather and subsequent flooding that much of the country has suffered in the past months, we need to be thankful for the facilities, opportunities and freedom we currently enjoy in the local area. Our staff continue to work hard to further improve our school site; this half term for example a classroom is being re-furbished and a new board room created for our visiting guests and governors. Despite our fantastic positive working environment, it is inevitably the people who work in and attend the school that make North Kesteven School what it is, and, once again, commitment and hard work has been demonstrated by our students, staff, parents, governors and the local community.

Thank you to you all, and have a happy half term holiday.

December 2013

teachersblogAt the end of a very long Autumn Term I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank all students, staff, parents and governors for their hard work and support.

Our new school day and 10 day timetable have been embraced seamlessly by the students whose common sense, resilience and maturity has clearly shone through. In the New Year our Year 11 and Year 13 students will face a full programme of 'mock' examinations from January 7th until January 17th. This year, such examinations will assume a level of importance not witnessed for many years as they will be the only opportunity to replicate full examination conditions in the new educational landscape of linear exams. Such an examination season has not been available for some time and it is absolutely vital that we have a clear picture of each and every student's potential for success.

When we return in January our Year 9 and Year 11 students will be involved in important decisions about their futures. A comprehensive programme of information, advice and guidance will be available including assemblies, interviews with tutors, interviews with senior staff, conversations with subject teachers and meetings with parents. At both Key Stage four and Key Stage five we offer a broad, balanced curriculum reflecting our strong desire to provide academic, creative and vocational pathways for all students. Please do not hesitate to contact your child's tutor, Ms Davies, (Curriculum Pathways Manager) or Ms Fox, (Deputy Headteacher – Curriculum) should you need to discuss any aspect of the options process. Additionally Mrs Scattergood, (Post 16 Administrator) and Mrs Jones, (Assistant Headteacher) have specialist knowledge and understanding of Post 16 opportunities. Mr Hall, (Progress Manager, Year 9) and Mrs Dockery, (Progress Manager, Year 11), also have great expertise and would be only too willing to help.

I trust that you will all have a happy and peaceful Christmas and that our students and staff return refreshed and ready for the challenges and excitement that 2014 will bring.

With my best wishes,

Mr M Connor

October 2013

teachersblogAs I write we are in the fifth week of our new 10 day timetable and our new school day.  The transition has been smoother than we could possibly have wished and this is testimony to the hard work of the staff and the positive, sensible mature approach of the students.

In my examination reviews with subject leaders many are expressing how pleased they are about the extra curriculum time and the opportunities to embed skills related to their subjects presented by the extra time.

Our two Open Evenings were extremely well attended and the students helping in departments and acting as tour guides proved to be outstanding ambassadors for the school as evidenced by comments on the evenings and subsequent complimentary emails and telephone calls.

We have a number of key events for parents in October, November and December and I do hope you will be able to attend to help maintain the strength of our home – school relationship.  Our October newsletter will be distributed on Thursday 17th October and I hope that you will enjoy reading about the successes of the students and the many opportunities on offer here at North Kesteven School.